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You must have the safety knowledge of outdoor kayak

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Although kayaking is a very good outdoor activity. You can use it for entertainment, fitness, fishing, leisure or go to some special places that other ships can’t reach, do you know how to do it safely?

1. It’s safe to let others see it

When rowing, you should try to wear colorful clothes, preferably a life jacket with reflective strips, so that it is easier to be noticed than dark when the light is dim. When rowing in groups, be sure to closely arrange with your companions, so that even if an accident occurs, you can be found and rescued in time. When rowing in the dark day or night, use appropriate lights to row. The lights can not only make your vision clear, but also let others find yourself in the dark, especially on the water where other ships are sailing.

2. Equipped with appropriate equipment

Choose a life jacket of appropriate size and qualified, prepare swimsuit, swimming trunks, hat, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc., and carry sufficient drinking water. The mobile phone should be placed in a waterproof bag after sufficient power. If you go to some very remote waters, it is best to configure a wireless marine radio station and positioning navigator in order to avoid no signal. In addition, it’s best to bring a waterproof flashlight or emergency light and whistle in case of need. Before rowing, be sure to carefully check whether your equipment can be used normally.

3. Understand rowing rules

Mastering water life-saving skills, especially not swimming, is not recommended to row outdoors alone. When rowing, try to keep close to the offshore side and sail on the right side like a vehicle. Pay attention to other ships and take the initiative to give way to them. It is forbidden to row after drinking or feeling unwell. Do not wear high heels.

4. Understand the water environment

Understand the weather information before going out, and try not to row in heavy rain and strong wind. Originally beautiful valleys or rivers may have floods or mudslides in flood season, which requires special attention. At the same time, it is necessary to stay away from dangerous waters such as power stations and dams, and do not row in transportation lines, navigation channels, safe crossing routes and other places. Try to choose lakes and reservoirs to relieve the river surface and boating on the sea without wind and waves. When boating on the sea, consider the factors of high tide and low tide. Remember to check as much information as possible about the area you are going to.

5. Stay alert

The emergency landing place shall be proposed before launching. In case of heavy rain or dense fog during rowing, you shall go ashore immediately. Always be alert to the surrounding conditions during rowing, especially other ships and underwater obstacles. Don’t listen to music with headphones when rowing. Remember that when a big ship, yacht, speedboat and motorboat pass by, the water waves will overturn your boat.



1.Professional canoeist   2.One of the founders of lydia sports 3.Practice kayaking for more than 15 years.

4.Women’s 200m and 1000m single kayak champion of the third national kayak U23 Championship

5.the silver medal in the women’s 500m four person kayak competition of the 13th National Games



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