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Why should we choose a sit-in Kayak? What are the advantages?

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Advantages of sit-inside Kayak


The most remarkable advantage of sit-in kayaks is that you don’t have to worry about all kinds of accidents, and even you can resist bad weather.
You can fix a waterproof cloth on the top of the cabin of the sit-in kayak to prevent dripping water and cold wind from blowing into the ship, so as to give you a better driving experience.
The design of the sit-in Kayak can also ensure that water will not enter the hull and protect your equipment and the temperature in the cabin unless you overturn or encounter a downpour.
This makes them more comfortable in cold weather and cold water, especially when paddling near the coast.

Lydia Double Sea Fast Sit-in Kayak


Most of the time, when people talk about performance, they mean speed. At this point, sit in kayak will definitely win the game at the same price and same quanlity.

As we all know, the speed is mainly related to the length and width of the kayak, as well as the driver’s technology and strength. First, let’s talk about the size.

Long and narrow kayaks are faster than short and wide kayaks, and very short leisure kayaks are significantly slower. Ships under 10 feet often feel like rolling in the water. A kayak can move easily even if it is several feet long. Due to the physical working mode of the kayak, there is an upper limit for the speed with the increase of the length. If the design becomes too long, the resistance on the hull begins to offset the speed gain provided by the longer hull. Narrow car or tour designs can be quite long – 18 or 19 feet, but in most cases, this is about the limit. A kayak much longer than this will not have much speed advantage and will be more difficult to manipulate. Therefore, the maximum length of sit in kayak is about 19 feet, which can make you feel the feeling of flying on the water, but if you exceed this length, it will affect the speed and become very difficult to control.

The second point is related to the driver’s skill. Does good skill mean good performance? No, the combination of good skill and appropriate kayak is a good performance.

When you drive sit in kayak, you enter the cabin. This sitting position makes you have a lower center of gravity and wind resistance. Because the lower psot is more conducive to the recovery of strength when rowing, so as to complete the forward action of rowing faster.

When you drive a sit in kayak, your whole lower body, whether thigh or buttock, is closely fitted with the whole kayak. This posture is more integrated with the canoe. It can provide you with greater power whether you are moving forward or turning.

If you are pursuing performance, sit in kayak is definitely a perfect choice

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In fact, sit in kayak is very stable. Since stability is largely a function of kayak width, you can expect two kayaks of similar width to have similar stability. Of course, there are other factors at work.

The height of the canoe seat has a great impact on the stability. The seat above the waterline reduces the stability, and the low seat increases the stability.

Usually sit in Kayak uses lowering the center of gravity to increase stability, so that your body on the cabin can’t dump the whole kayak, so as to achieve perfect stability.

Therefore, it is said that tourist kayaks sitting inside are narrower than leisure kayaks, so they are not stable on average. Is this correct?

Of course not. Because there are so many designs to choose from in the market, it is not difficult to find a travel kayak with sufficient stability, so that any rower can feel comfortable on the water. In addition, when you choose, you must take your own height into account. Always remember that the smaller the extension of your body on the cabin, the higher your stability, This stability can even exceed sit on kayak

Disadvantages of sit-inside Kayak

The biggest disadvantage of sit in kayak is the problem of floating and rescue.

Most sit in kayak is equipped with a large cabin, which is comfortable and easy to enter. It can accommodate many items you need to use during your trip.

However, in some emergencies, you accidentally turn the kayak over. These cockpits will suck in a lot of water and bind your body, making it difficult for you to move.

Although some sit in Kayak are equipped with partitions to limit a large amount of water in the cabin, this partition can not limit the water intrusion for a long time after you sail. When the capsizing time occurs, you will face three very difficult problems.

A: How to get out of the cockpit of the kayak and float on the water

B: How to turn the kayak over.

C: How to deal with so much residual water

It may be difficult to climb back to a submerged recreational kayak. If you succeed, the remaining problem is how to get the water out. It is almost impossible to row in a swamp without a front bulkhead. For these reasons, it’s best to paddle close to the coast in a recreational kayak, where a quick swim to the beach can make you empty and return to the water safely.

Therefore, our Lydia sit on top kayak is equipped with a tourist kayak with two bulkheads and hatches, which is easier to rescue than a leisure kayak with only one bulkhead or no bulkhead at all. This makes it safer for them to paddle away from the coast. If you are kayaking in open water, you need to learn some special rescue skills to ensure that you can return to the ship safely in case of capsizing, but if you plan to kayak and camp along the coast, it is very worthwhile

All in all

The control of sit in kayak is not as painful as everyone thought. As long as you choose the right kayak, it is almost impossible to capsize.
Sit in kayak has many advantages that other types of kayaks do not have.
1.It can make you feel speed and passion
2.Can finish a long distance kayaking trip
3.It can control the direction and operation more simply
4.Enjoy the whole sport more
5.Have better fitness effect
6.Have a longer sports career and be able to compete with experts all over the world

If you’re interested, what are you waiting for? Contact us and start the kayaking trip!

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1.Professional canoeist   2.One of the founders of lydia sports 3.Practice kayaking for more than 15 years.

4.Women’s 200m and 1000m single kayak champion of the third national kayak U23 Championship

5.the silver medal in the women’s 500m four person kayak competition of the 13th National Games



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