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What is transparent kayak? transparent kayak is a good business opportunity?

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Many people have played kayak, but have you ever heard of transparent kayak? If you don’t, believe me, come with me, I will show you the beauty of this new product

What is transparent kayak?

Transparent kayak is a kayak with transparent bottom and body, which can let you sit in the boat and see the beauty under the water and sea smoothly.
Although they are transparent, just because they have a transparent and clear bottom, don’t think this kind of kayak is fragile
They are made of durable composite material – Polycarbonate by means of rotational molding. This material and technology make this transparent kayak lighter and stronger

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Advantages of transparent kayak

Whether you are an expert in kayaking or use kayaking for the first time, transparent kayak is a very good choice for you.

Different experiences

Traditional kayak we experience is the brave advance of torrents. We use our skill and strength to conquer rivers and seas. However, transparent kayak is completely the opposite. It will feel the beauty of water and sea with you.

The hull of an ordinary kayak is opaque, which means that your vision can only see the front and side.

The difference of transparent kayaking is that you can clearly see everything under your feet. This is a new experience that ordinary kayaking can’t bring you.

You can see underwater scenery, many beautiful and unique fish, corals and other marine organisms.

Even when fishing, you can easily choose the water area and see the fish you’re going to lift, So that you can become a fishing master.

The Two Person Transparent Canoe Kayak - Hammacher Schlemmer

Weight and size

One of the most common problems when using a kayak is the weight of the kayak. The heavier it is, the more difficult it is to drag it around. However, this is not a transprant kayak situation. Bottom transprant kayaks are actually lighter than ordinary kayaks because they usually use a lighter polycarbonate mixture. Even better, this material is harder than most kayaks.

Moreover, the size of the transparent kayak is smaller than that of the professional kayak, so it is easier to control and does not need a high level of technology. Moreover, most transparent kayaks will be equipped with balance valves to make it easier for you to control the whole kayak

Ultra high business value

In the resort and seaside, many people do not come to experience exciting kayaking activities and conquer the sea. They come to enjoy leisure holidays.

Transparent kayak can more meet their needs, and transparent kayaking can carry more people, so as to obtain greater profits in rental or sales

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Best Dating Sport + Best Dating Place

If you want to have a perfect date with someone you care about on the water, there is no other kayak that attracts more attention than transparent kayak, nor is it more romantic than transparent kayak

With the popularity of canoeing, there will be more and more choices for family gatherings or play through canoeing. Canoeing can turn interesting outdoor adventures into the most romantic way of sports.

This novel container can be the perfect way to surprise family, important others, and even create an irreplaceable first date experience!

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In a word, kayaking is a great sport. Whether it’s the sea breeze, the air on the mountains, or the smell of mud river, traveling outside and really experiencing the surrounding world is a great therapeutic experience for many people who call this country home.

Kayaking can be a wonderful additional experience, especially when kayaking in a transparent boat. In view of its improved visibility, favorable fishing quality and many health benefits, transparent kayak will expand your underwater happiness.

Whether you are sailing in the mountain streams of Montana, cruising on the beaches in the northeast, or enjoying the clear water and beautiful coral reefs of the Florida islands, you don’t want to miss trading traditional kayaks or canoes for transparent kayaks. If you are looking for a small adventure in your life, whether it is a change of old routine or another simple activity on your list

Lydia is ready to have a happy kayaking trip with you.

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1.Professional canoeist   2.One of the founders of lydia sports 3.Practice kayaking for more than 15 years.

4.Women’s 200m and 1000m single kayak champion of the third national kayak U23 Championship

5.the silver medal in the women’s 500m four person kayak competition of the 13th National Games



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