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How To Make Money Through Canoe And Kayak Rental

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Why do we want to rent kayaks

Many people like to go boating on water, but they either don’t have a boat or want to go boating where they can’t take a boat.

Because kayak is very large and long needs vehicle transportation, most people will not reserve a lot of space for kayaking tourism or holidays, so they will want to get kayak rental services and This market has great potential

Canoe & Kayak Market Size

According to reserch

NEW YORK, Aug. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The global canoe and kayak equipment market size is expected to grow by USD 105.37 million during 2021-2025, progressing at a CAGR of almost 2% during the forecast period. AIRE Inc. (US), Airhead Sports Group (US), Aqua Marina (China), BIC Sport (France), and Confluence Outdoor (US) are some of the key market players entailed in this in-depth market analysis.

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How do we Start Own Kayak Rental

If you want to generate income by renting kayaks, obviously you have to live by the lake, which is even more perfect if you are by the sea.
But in some places there is no way to rent kayaks (like snow for at least six months of the year).
Now let’s see how profitable it is to rent a kayak


First of all, you need to have canoes. Single and double canoes are necessary. If your business has just started, the number is about 10, and all of them are used for rent.

If you are on the beach, i suggested that you can also prepare some transparent kayak, which can let your customers enjoy the perfect undersea beauty.

Generally speaking, the price of a single canoe is about $200 and the price of a double canoe is about $600. You can adjust the number of canoes purchased according to the customer quantity of your location.

First, suppose we buy 10 kayaks for $400 each. The total cost is $4000.

Second, you need a place to rent kayaks. You can rent a small area from a local enterprise, and then build a light shed to keep it cheap. Considering that the potential market is still a little uncertain, this is not a bad idea (after all, we have just started this investment and can’t accurately predict what will happen). Because your land is very small, and you won’t really disturb your “landlord”. The rent is very cheap, 300 dollars a month.

In addition, you need some life jackets – a random set of 10 costs $200.

In addition, if you want your business to run properly, you must pay employees. Seven days a week, eight hours a day, eight dollars an hour. In six months, this will cost you $11520.

Canoe & Kayak Rentals and Sales
Perfect place for rent and sale kayaks

Income 1 ——Rental Kayak

In this business, there are two ways to earn income – the first is renting kayaks! Your location is close to the beach and you have billboards to promote your business (there’s really no need to promote it in any other way – all water lovers can see your business when they walk to the beach). The following are the average rates:

$15 per hour

Half day (4 hours) $40

$60 (8 hours) full day

Obviously, we can’t rent all 10 kayaks all every day. What are the realistic expectations? In six months, we rented five kayaks on average for half a day. The total is $200 a day.

Is it worth it?

What is the total cost in a given scenario?

-Kayak $4000

-Life jacket $200

-6-month rent $300 = $1800

-Employees = $11520

-First year total cost = $1750

What is our estimated income from renting kayaks?

-$200 per day for 180 days = $36000!!

If this is the real structure of our kayak rental business, it will be profitable in the first year!

How to make this business profitable?

A reliable way to make this business profitable is to do it yourself. Sitting at kayak’s rental office, you can save nearly $10000

You can also hire temporary workers, which will make your expenses lower.

Income 2 ——Selling Kayak

You can rent kayaks and sell complete sets of kayaks at the same time.
Because kayak is a very popular sport, thousands of kayaking lovers are born every day. They want to get their own kayak very much.

At this time, our opportunity comes. We can help and become the best partner in their kayaking career.

About Us - AS Watersports

How to balance kayak sales and rental

First, you buy some kayaks and take one of each model as a kayak for rental, so that you can know which models are the most popular in daily rental

Because the kayak is difficult to damage, it will be used for a long time as a rental commodity, so only a small amount needs to be prepared as a backup.
Other new kayaks can be displayed and sold as new products in the venue you rent, and sold in combination with the network.

Because kayaks are large goods, there is no special competition on the network. You can carry out the retail industry while carrying out the leasing business, which is conducive to the expansion of your business

How to manage inventory

In fact we don’t consider the loss caused by renting a kayak, because it’s too little.
If you can sell 10 canoes per model per month, you need to have at least 20 canoes each model in stock.
Because the transportation of kayaks is a long time . If you cooperate with Lydia, the production cycle of 30set of kayaks is about 15 days. The transportation time is about 45 days to Los Angeles(for example), so the whole process is 60 days.
So you need to solve your business needs within 60 days and you dont want to have the Situation that you have other but you are lack of kayaks

Expand your business

When you have a good balance between rent and sales.
You can consider opening your store in different locations to expand your business and build your own kayak brand.

If you have the same idea, you can contact us Lydia at any time and we will help you build your canoeing brand

Product recommendation

1.Professional Finish Double Kayak——M32 Professional Outdoor Double Fishing Boat Pedal Kayak Fixed Seat Canoe

2.Single Kayak——2.9M Single Kayak Ocean Boat Roll Plastic Canoe Plastic Hard Boat

3.2-3 Person Kayak——Roll Plastic Double Canoe 2 + 1 Type Three Person Fishing Boat Platform Outdoor

4.Double Fishing Kayak——M30 Outdoor Roll Plastic 4M Double Fixed Seat Fishing Boat

5.Transprant Boat/Kayak——7011 Transparent Kayak With Aluminum Frame



1.Professional canoeist   2.One of the founders of lydia sports 3.Practice kayaking for more than 15 years.

4.Women’s 200m and 1000m single kayak champion of the third national kayak U23 Championship

5.the silver medal in the women’s 500m four person kayak competition of the 13th National Games



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